There is always a sense of comfort every time when I am at my favorite internet café. The cozy ambiance and the friendly staff make me feel at home outside of my home. This is the reason on my seemingly perfect daily attendance at this café. Aside from enjoying its relaxing atmosphere as well as its great food and drinks, I am able to accomplish and organize a lot of things while at the café. I just bring my netbook and do some work on the table. I always choose the table that is near the glass window because it gives me privacy while doing some work. I also enjoy looking at the people who are passing by the area. It gives me a sort of therapeutic effect looking at these people walking around.


My favorite internet café is just a simple small café. It is charming, cozy and neat. In fact, it is a perfect place for studying and doing some paper work. The lighting effects is enough for indoor – it is not too bright and it is also not too dark. The ventilation is also great. There is enough cool clean air that further make the place my haven. Wi-fi connection is fast and unlimited. Also, the good is great and the drinks have many choices especially when it comes to different kinds of coffee. Above everything else, the friendly and accommodating crew at the café makes the place more perfect to stay at.


I like to watch people’s strides.  Those who are walking fast usually have some place to be and always seem to me, to be more concerned with getting stuff done and accomplishing their goals. Those that stroll leisurely have nothing like that going on, or at least that is the way it appears to me.


One of my favorite habits while I am at the café is probably “people watching.” Most of the people in the café are studying or working. In effect, I am inspired to also work and get organized while I am at the café. I find it interesting to observe the different people inside the café, as if I am trying to decipher what they are thinking. All I know is that they are busy working and studying on their respective tables. Maybe, just like me, they find the café comfortable, private and customer-friendly.


This café has contributed a lot for who I am and what I am today. Ever since  my student years, I am an avid customer of the café. I can say that I have graduated college and successfully submitted my graduate papers because of the café. It is where I work on my assignments and study my lessons. And now that I am working already, nothing change about how I feel about the café. It gives me the chance to spend time for myself, to reflect on my life and my dreams, to observe the people around and to learn something from them, and to just simply enjoy the small things in life such as sitting comfortably inside a beautiful café. I some times ask myself, “how do people become more successful?” and the one thing I seem to come back to is organization.


I can truly say that the café and my habit of observing the people inside the café have helped me further understand how to be organized with my time and in my work tasks. I will forever treasure this café and the “me-time” that I always have in this place.