26 Sep

Fresh water is a real issue in many parts of the world. The fact is that so many people go without clean water for many days. In parts of Africa, women walk for upwards of 8 hours a day and obtain murky muddy animal polluted water to bring back to their families.

A qualified 501C3, Hope Water Project is committed to bringing clean water through fresh water drilling to the people of South Africa. One village and people at a time. As a professional “internet scroller”, i came across this organization when I saw someone tweet about it. I landed on a post from Las Vegas SEO Agency, MasterMind in which they talked about getting involved and helping to eliminate disease and malnutrition associated with poor water drinking.

Hope Water Project raises money through their association with Kensington Church based in Michigan. These people run marathon and bike ride across the state of Michigan to raise money for their friends in another part of the world, many they will never meet. That’s just amazing people.

That’s something worth stopping and reading. That’s amazing.

Donald Nelson
Donald Nelson


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