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03 Oct

Ever felt the joy of working in an environment that allows you to view your favorite surroundings? That’s the excitement I am talking about. I live in San Francisco and whenever I visit the downtown in the weekend, my day will not be complete without hopping into one of the many internet cafes in the area. The WiFi is swift and the snacks accompanied by amazing coffee are awesome. Not that I can’t afford these goodies in my home but I’ve developed a hobby that I’m finding hard to quit; watching luxury Mercedes Benz cars roll down the busy streets. This is my favorite car brand and currently, I own a used 2014 Mercedes Benz S550 and I’m positive that by the end of the year I will buy a 2016 AMG C63 S. I’m pretty sure I even spotted the new rumored Mercedes Benz Pickup, though I may have been hopped on about half a dozen cups of coffee.

Before I tell you about my guilty pleasure, let me shade light on the wonderful San Francisco internet cafes. Most of these cafes have a welcoming ambience and very friendly staff. The cafes serve snacks and a variety of fruit drinks and coffee. I particularly love the cafes with alfresco dinning because I detest working in closed doors. You can also relax and work indoors in a calm environment if the buzz of downtown San Francisco doesn’t stir you. There is one internet café that I particularly delight in facing the road from a high level. From my vintage point, I enjoy watching the never-ending stream of activities and to be specific, luxury Mercedes Benz as I sip on my cappuccino.


Now back to my weekend routine. As I watch Mercedes Benzes of various colors, trims and sizes, I’m also picking up details that I want in my next dream car.

Mercedes And Other Luxury Car Watching

My car watching habit is driven by creativity in the luxury Benz cars that come out in high numbers during the weekends. I observe how the cars accelerate on the clean tarmac, how they slow down for a crossing pedestrian and how they react to cars in front of them. I keenly listen to the whistles and bells of these luxury cars as they make various maneuvers and I must confess that they thrill me. Sometimes I’m lost in these road shows that I forget that there is still a human being behind the wheels of these elegant machines.

In my Mercedes watching episodes, I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one who stares whenever a unique Benz drives by, what a way to beat boredom! Some snoopers even take an extra mile to discuss the dudes behind the wheels but that does not rock my boat. I’m driven by the urge to observe newer Mercedes Benz models dominate the roads. Perhaps one day I’ll beat my car watching addiction when I see a full autonomous Benz rolling by or mobilize a Benz watching club to promote the fun. Meanwhile, I’m browsing online from my favorite perch on some Mercedes rims for my S550 like ones I saw last weekend on a speedy S-class model down the road.

Katie Bailey
Katie Bailey

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