2017 is shaping up to be the year of the beard! While 2016 ended up being in the eyes of social media as “the worst year ever”, time will tell what the end of the year label brings but as of now the trends that were popular last year are going strong.

Over the past few years the beard trend has been on the steady rise, first thought of as a fad and now a multi billion dollar industry. Everything from beard growth products to shaving bibs have flooded the market of this now more widely accepted fad.

So Why Is It Popular?

Just like anything men do, it’s continuing to be driven by the approval of women. Now more than ever women are approving of beards and giving men the excuse to grow them long and wild. Even professional and college sports franchises have had to become more relaxed on their standards for some of their star athletes because part of their brand recognition rests in their beard.

Behind the beard with Stingrays defenseman Colton Saucerman | WCIV

http://abcnews4.com/sports/hockey/behind-the-beard-with-stingrays-defenseman-colton-saucermanMany organizations in sports have strict rules, and many imply a no facial hair policy for their players. The intent is to have them look groomed, clean, and workman-like.

“Hours of grooming, lotions, and oils, and trimming it up and special brushes, a whole routine I go through — everything to keep it healthy. For the health of the hair, keeping it moist and letting it grow the right way. It’s all coming from my barber, he tells me all this,” Saucerman said. See more…

Where is all this leading to? We already have top executives running corporations with a grizzly beard, what’s next? Well after seeing the last election we are primed to have our president bring back the ducktail beard or have congress seats full of facial hair in the near future.

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