These days, modern homes commonly have various dedicated rooms and amenities that can substantially increase the quality of their inhabitants’ lives and add to their value. One of such dedicated rooms is a wetroom. Simply put, a wetroom is an open space that can be described as a fully waterproof bathroom. What this basically means is that a wetroom is a seamless combination of the showering area and the room itself. With such a combination, a significantly more spacious and open layout is created, thus making it much more convenient. You can also stylize your wetroom to your personal preference and make it more luxurious and stylish. One key feature of wetrooms is that there are no steps or shower basins. Additionally, the drain is placed right into the wetroom floor, which helps create a spacious look that feels minimal and clean. When it comes to the standard functionality, in order to make sure that the water is drained consistently and efficiently, you can choose to install various subtle gradients onto the shower trays. Aside from the functionality and the convenience, a wetroom can substantially enhance your bathroom’s appeal with lavish and spacious ambience and with additional lighting. Also, a properly installed wetroom can offer an increased level of safety, not just the aesthetics.


Today, people usually decide to make a wetroom in order to serve as secondary bathroom. If you have a big house and a big family, having a small bathroom can pose a real problem. If that is the case, it would be perfectly logical to build a wetroom as a secondary bathroom in order to increase the space. People who have brand new flats or homes usually have these problems, because the space they offer is quite limited. Installing a wetroom can offer you an option of leaving out or removing a big, bulky bath, and instead, installing a considerably smaller shower, which will at the same time provide the functionality and the always needed space. Building a wetroom can also be an excellent option if you have a bathroom that you consider too big, and would like to tear it down in order to create additional space for something else in your home.

Aside from the aesthetics and the functionality, wetrooms are also quite convenient because they require very little maintenance, much less than a standard bathroom. Since there are no shower screens or shower trays, its environment is considerably cleaner and more hygienic, and as such, much easier to clean.  Since its design is very minimalistic and clean, you can easily add a toilet or wall hung sinks and still preserve its minimalistic look. Having a wetroom will also increase the safety of anyone using it, since it gives you the option of removing potentially dangerous glass screens and installing floors that do not contain slippery materials.

Building a wetroom is not a very complicated task, but, if you think you lack the necessary skills and the equipment, you can hire a Dublin based company which will perform the task safely and efficiently. Such a company will also provide maintenance and repair services whenever you need them.