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Hour 1:
Understanding HTML and XML

This hour introduces the basics of what Web pages are and how they work. You learn that coded HTML commands are included in the text of a Web page, but images and other media are stored in separate files. You also see that a single Web page can look very different, depending on what software and hardware are used to display it.

Example Pages Shown in the Book

The Toy Consultant (Figures 1.1 - 1.7)

A Web browser assembles separate text and image files to display them as an integrated page.

Additional Online Examples

Scientific World Records

Try changing the font and color preferences in your Web browser, viewing this page at different window sizes, and printing it on paper. Notice how the same Web page can take on many different appearances.

Key Quote from This Hour

"To see the HTML commands for any page on the Web, click with the right mouse button (or hold down the mouse button if you're using a Mac computer), then select View Source from the pop-up menu. This is a great way to get an intuitive idea how HTML works and learn by other's examples."

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