Marketing online is all the rage nowadays. Many companies today are turning to the power of the Internet to help them grow their businesses. Some estimates for the number of websites existing on the World Wide Web, have gone over one billion. How can a company draw enough attention to its products or services amongst the vast sea that is today’s ecommerce? Thinking of starting a business in 2017? Read this post first.

Capture Page, Squeeze Page – What is it All About?

It is not enough anymore for a business to simply throw up a hastily designed website and hope that customers will find them. In order for a company to generate ample amounts of awareness for their product or service, their website must serve as a solution for customers’ problems. Their site must be the end-all to whatever it is potential customers search.

Enter the “capture” page or “squeeze” page. Most experts are advising companies to start using squeeze pages to increase conversion. The two are really one and the same, although there are those who would assert that one sounds more agreeable than the other. In essence, the capture page or squeeze page is simply the landing page of a marketer’s website, although it may be completely independent and in addition to his or her main website.

The main purpose served by this type of page is for “capturing” names and email addresses of business prospects. This single web page should be designed to strongly encourage (thus the name “squeeze” page) prospects to trade their contact information for access to the product or information the marketer is offering. Capture pages afford business owners a highly effective method for building a database of targeted leads and hopefully, future customers. Expert web designers are ever increasing in demand, especially one that is based in the United States, speaks English and can handle talking to customers like a normal person.

By building a database, a marketer will now have the opportunity to communicate with these prospects in the future. The really great thing is these are people who are coming to the marketer already interested in what he or she has to offer. The customer searched, found the company’s squeeze page, and opted in with their information in order to learn more, or get that free report. The point is this is highly qualified, targeted traffic. Younger generations, aka Millenials often get this form of traffic and social integration since they grew up and do not know any different. This doesnt mean the older generation cant learn it, just that they are at a slight disadvantage.


Three Secrets to Lead Capture Page Design

When creating this type of web page, text should be written from the prospective visitor’s viewpoint. This page should not be about the marketer, the company, or the product or service as much as it should be about meeting a need for the visitor. They have come to the page looking for something and must feel that this is the only place they will get what they need.

An effective lead capture page or squeeze page must:

  • Have a headline, preferably in the form of a question, which creates an “itch” in prospects that they will feel compelled to “scratch” by opting in with their contact information.
  • Have a strong “call to action” – an incentive for the visitor to take specific and immediate action in order to receive what they need to solve their problem. Often, an offer of a free report or free access to something of value to the prospect will give them a reason to opt in immediately.
  • Have a closing where the marketer reminds the prospect about the value they will be receiving. Business owners could also use the closing to offer a small additional gift which will be imparted to the visitor upon receipt of their contact information.

With spammers running rampant on the Internet nowadays, it would also be beneficial for the business owner to include some kind of brief “privacy policy” statement at the bottom of the page to ensure prospects their information will not be exploited. There are some sites online where business owners can get help generating an appropriate privacy policy statement for their needs.

Capture Page, Squeeze Page – Either Way It Pays to Have One

Having an effective squeeze page is a proven strategy for building a substantial database of potential customers. If a business owner remains tentative about the idea of creating this marketing tool alone, there is help available online.